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“The Development of Inclusive Training Manuals for DPOs Capacity Building”

How to Apply?


**Submission Procedure: **The technical and financial proposals would be submitted in hard (via post/courier) in a sealed envelope before the closing date.
Please clearly mention the Consultancy title “ P-3801 Technical and Financial Proposal for Development of Training Manuals” on the envelope.
Please submit Proposal at the postal address: Doaba Foundation Office # 125, Block A, Commercial Area, Model Town Multan.
Questions and queries can be sent to Doaba Foundation at
Proposals received after the submission deadline will not be entertained under any circumstances.
Doaba Foundation reserves the right to accept or reject the proposals without assigning any reasons whatsoever.
Terms of Reference for
  1. Introduction to Doaba Foundation:
Doaba Foundation is a humanitarian organization, certified by Pakistan Centre of Philanthropy (PCP), working in disaster-prone areas with the vision “Disaster prone communities becoming self-reliant in pursuit of their common interests”. Doaba’s mission is to improve the quality of life among rural people and, it concentrates on communities prone to disaster. It believes in achieving the goal through optimal utilization of available resources i.e. physical-biological, moral and human. It seeks to build capacities of such communities incorporating even the relief activities into a program of preparedness interventions, facilitating the emergence of self-reliant communities.
  1. Project Introduction:
Doaba Foundation with the support of CBM is implementing Disabled Persons Organizations (DPOs) capacity building projects in three districts (Multan, Muzaffargarh, Layyah) of Punjab. The project is focusing on capacity building activities, which will improve the capacity of potential DPOs.
  1. Introduction to Assignment:
Doaba Foundation needs to develop a training manual for the training of DPOs around Institutional and Human Resource Development. The manuals will be developed for training purposes for trainers as well as for grass root level DPOs members.
  1. **Objectives of the Assignment: **To develop quality training manuals for improving the institutional and Human Resource capacity of DPOs in three project districts
  • The consultant/firm/organization will use inclusive and participatory approaches. The consultant/firm/organization will get inspiration and guidance from the CBM program quality framework, UN conventional on the rights of persons with disabilities, Sustainable Development Goals, & Core Humanitarian Standards in the preparation of tools.
  • The consultant/firm/organization will do a desk review of existing materials and relevant documents
  • The consultant/firm/organization will discuss with Doaba Foundation
  • The consultant will develop contents of training manuals and after getting contents approved will develop training manual on
  • Inclusive Need Assessment Approaches and Proposal Writing training
  • Admin & Financial Management for financial and non-financial persons
  • Leadership and Strategic Planning
  • Gender, Social and Environmental Safeguarding
  • Organizational Development (Specially DPOs)
  • Consultant will develop training manual both in English and Urdu.
  • Consultant will incorporate feedback of Doaba Foundation and its partner and will provide original copy of each training manual in hard and soft to Doaba Foundation.
The consultant firm/org/individual should include a timetable of activities (Technical Section) by date. The consultant is expected to begin the assignment immediately after agreement signing and accomplished by 20 days.
Requirements and Skills.
Key Qualification for Consultant/ consultancy firm:
  • Master in Development Studies, Social sciences or other related areas
  • At least five years of experience in development of training manuals.
  • Have grasp over Rights of persons with disability as well as their inclusion
  • Understanding of government laws and policies (National/Provincial) regarding Disability
  • Strong analytical, presentation and writing skill.
  • Strong documentation skills.
  • Ability to present complex information in a simple and compelling manner, and to use innovative forms of communication.
  • Excellent understanding of geological context of south part of Punjab
Commissioning responsibility
The assessment is commissioned by Doaba Foundation
Child Safeguarding Policy:
As a condition of entering into a consultancy agreement the consultant firm/organization must sign the Doaba Foundation/CBM Child Safeguarding Policy and abide by the terms and conditions thereof.

Basic Terms & Conditions but not limited to;

The consultant/firm/organization will
  • Share brief description of contents of the inclusive training manuals with logical sequence that will expose sketch of the training manual before its development for approval from Doaba Foundation.
  • After approval of the contents the consultant implement and develop the training manuals.
  • develop training manuals in connection with the existing materials (produced by governmental or non-governmental agencies particularly Disabled Persons Organizations) as reference.
  • Explore thoroughly and identify more knowledge on the subject, keep proper references of the all material cited.
  • Undertake the responsibility of designing the manual with illustrations where necessary.
  • Do consultations with Doaba Foundation team during the course of designing is important
  • Complete assignment as per decided terms and conditions in the contract.
  • Use agreed tools and techniques during the assignment.
  • Development of manuals will be finalized on the basis of final approval of DF review committee as per signed agreement.
Terms & conditions for financial review:
  • **Rates: **The prices must be inclusive of all taxes
  • **Quote: **One rate (lump sum) for all mention activities mention as above.
  • **Provide: **Detailed profile including relevant experience.
  • **Certificate: **Please provide copy of your National Tax Number Certificate/CNIC.
Criteria for Technical and Financial Evaluation:
A detailed Technical & Financial Proposals are required that should demonstrate a proven and
tested successful track record and experience in development of training manual.
This below list will be put into consideration during evaluation;
  1. Conforming to the TORs.
  2. Specific and past experience of consultancy firm/ organization.
  3. Adequacy of the proposed work plan & methodology.
  4. Qualification and competence of key staff.
  5. Potential of Technical & Financial Proposal to serve the objectives of services required.


The last date & time for proposal submission is not later than** 24th October 2020 at 12:30 p.m.**

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